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Currently playing... November 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Music is a passion and for me a form of relaxation. I love to spend time exploring new releases, new projects and finding music that's new to me!

I'm going to share playlists from time to time of music that I'm enjoying listening to, perhaps you will find something new you like or be reminded of an old favourite. I'm always open to hearing new things, so drop links in the comments to your latest track or what you are listening to!

PS, I've included alternative links to the music in this playlist below. If you enjoy listening to any of this music, please consider supporting the artist by buying their music directly, buying merchandise or attending a gig (when we can!). Streaming services pay artists £0.0023 per stream, but more on that another day...


What's playing?

Vipertime - Augury

Vipertime are heavy hitting jazz quartet from Leeds, UK. They describe their music as 'improvised music for the dance floor', having seen them live at Lancaster Jazz Festival, I can't argue with that.

Camilla George - How Nehemiah Got Free

Camilla's been present in my work recently, and it's encouraged me to dig deeper into her music. This track is taken from her 2018 album 'The People Could Fly', which explores stories passed between generations from slaves to their children.

Chube - Chrysalism Trio

Cardiff based Chube feature the unique lineup of harp, drums and base. The eclectic mix of acoustic-electro sounds push the boundaries of their instruments and combine effortlessly with electronics, pedals and synths. I first came across them at a live show at Matt and Phreds.

Uyama Hirota - Ying and Yang

Hailing all the way from Japan, multi talented producer, DJ, composer, arranger and collaborator, the influences of Uyama Hirota's music are varied and blend hip-hop, jazz, ambient and breakbeat. It's a laid back vibe that I find myself returning to time and time again.

Emma Johnsons Gravy Boat ft Nishla Smith - Where Were You Hiding?

I've worked with Emma for a number of years, and love her melodic approach to composition. This collaboration with Australian singer (now Manchester resident) Nishla Smith is the first track she's released featuring vocals and its enchanting. Watch out for future collaborations from these two!

Ta-Ku - Beginning to End

Ta-Ku, the name a nod to a Maori heritage, is an Australian musician, producer and photographer. His music sits in the hip-hop and R&B camps, the use of percussion and piano in this song hooked me in.

Kano - Trouble

I saw Kano play live in Manchester in February of this year, and this whole album has been on repeat ever since. True to his grime roots, here Kano combines his real life, political lyricism with samples, gospel choirs and some of the countries best musicians.

Skeltr - Fjord

Manchester locals Sam Healey and Craig Hanson make up Skeltr, a spiritual jazz duo taking the scene by storm. I've worked with Sam for many years, and this project is a real expression of him This soulful track from their new album Dorje is at the more low-key end of their repertoire. If you dig deeper you'll find beats, synths and loops sitting alongside heavy sax solo's that could only be Skeltr.

Soul Chef - Next to Nothing (Instrumental)

Soul Chef's influences are clear - classic soul, jazz and hip hop. Perhaps it's the New Zealand sunshine, or the emotion felt through his songs, Soul Chef's music is upbeat and uplifting and always proves to be the right choice, no matter my mood.

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