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I am an accredited coach, trained with RD1st and Culture at Work in Relational Dynamics Coaching. I'm Mental Health First Aider trained with MHFA England, and have completed Addiction and Recovery training with Music Support. 


About Coaching 

What is coaching?

Coaching is a guided conversation that allows an individual or group of people to reflect and gain clarity and awareness of what is important to them, their strengths, the challenges they face, the options open to them and what action they may take in order to create balance or make changes they want in their life.


The ultimate aim is to help you achieve your goals.

Unlike mentoring or training, coaching focuses on helping the coachee to take the lead in identifying their own goals, understanding their own strengths and areas for development and identifying their own solutions for moving forwards.

How will coaching help me?

Coaching will help you to achieve goals in areas of your life where you're looking for change. This will mean different things to different people - it may be that you want to establish a profitable business, better manage your work life balance or build consistent habits. 

You may already have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and need the help of a coach to help you get there, perhaps by helping you build your confidence, or identify any blocks that are inhibiting your progress, you may need accountability to stick to your plan, or you may need a coach to help you clarify your problem areas and create plan of action and support you along the way. 


You might know that you need change or feel like you have lost your way, and together we can explore what's important to you and work towards a structure that feels more balanced and fulfilling.

Why coach with Lucy?

Having worked in the Arts and Culture sector for the last 14 years, I have first hand experience of the infrastructure and challenges of this sector, so we can get straight to work on exploring the issues important to you. Whether as a freelancer struggling with work/life balance, an artist looking to develop your next project or wider career, or an organisation looking to change the workplace culture, I have the experience and the skills to guide you to make the changes you need.

I am an accredited Relational Dynamics Coach, qualified with RD1st and Culture at Work, and a trained Mental Health First Aider with MHFA England. I recently completed Music Supports Addiction and Recovery training. 


I will support you to achieve your goals in a friendly and non-judgemental environment, and offer accessible pricing for those who may not have been able to afford individual coaching previously.

My Services

For Artists - 

I have worked for 10 years on leading regional and national artist development programmes, specialising in music. My existing knowledge of this unique sector, allows you to get straight to working through your challenges and reaching your goals, without time explaining the intricacies of life in the music industry.

Coaching for artists can be combined with mentoring, to align your goals with industry knowledge to move you further on your journey.

I want to spend more time working on my own creative projects​

Lucy Woolley, Notepad, Notebook, Planner, Coach, Relational Dynamics Coach, Creative Producer

For Freelancers - 

Having worked freelance and employed roles in the arts sector for 12 years, I understand first hand the challenges of managing your work life balance, and juggling multiple projects. 

Perhaps you want to define what's important to you and make a plan to focus your time, or grow your portfolio in a way that offers better balance. You may want to think long term and build a strategy to achieve your goals. I can help you clarify the areas for change and steps to move you forward.  

I want to be in a position where I can afford to only work five days a week

For Organisations -

With experience of organisational development with small and large groups and organisations and Arts Council NPO’s, SSO's, I can work with you as a group, or with individuals within your organisation to identify challenges, improve productivity and create a better culture within your workplace. I can support employment disputes through coaching, understanding and goal setting for the future.

I want to create a better community culture in my company


My Offer

Private coaching is available via zoom or in person in my office in Manchester City Centre. If you are interested in starting coaching and wish to have an informal conversation about how coaching could help or how it might work, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can arrange a time for a free consultation. 

I suggest an introductory session for all first time clients, which is slightly longer than a standard coaching session to allow us to explore where you are now, and clarify areas you would like to focus on in future sessions. 

Following an introductory session, coaching is available in individual sessions or by block booking a series of 3 or 6 sessions.

Work with me


Which sessions are you interested in?

Thanks - I'll be in touch. 


“I've had two coaching sessions with Lucy so far, and am blown away by the impact it's had on my progress. We've worked on a longer term career plan, which has really improved my focus and motivation. Can't wait to keep going!” 


—  Emma Johnson - Composer/Saxophonist/Bandleader

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