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Artist Development is a key element in an artist's journey, supporting them to embrace the challenges of the professional sector whilst not losing the focus on their creative practice. I believe the industry should be open to everyone so I strive to engage and support artists to achieve their full potential. 


In my previous experience both working with artists and artist development programmes but also as a programmer, booking manager, tour manager and festival manager I see the industry from every angle, enabling me to make strategic connections that impact artists and organisations across the sector. 


I lead on Artistic Development for Edition Records through their emerging artist initiatives and with their established artist roster; in my role as Festival Director at Lancaster Jazz Festival, offering year round support and residency opportunities to emerging artists in the sector, and as an advisor for Music:Leeds Launchpad programme. Previous roles include Programme Manager for Jazz North leading on all artist development programmes including flagship 'Northern Line' scheme and Jazz North Introduces. 

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I can support artists through guidance, mentoring, coaching and project support.  I have worked on and supported artists through commissions, delivery of performances, technical scoping, project scoping, project delivery and evaluation/reflection sessions.

I have worked for 10 years devising and delivering artist development schemes for ACE NPO and SSO's, regional and national organisations. Roles have included a focus on touring support, career building and creative practice. 

I offer mentoring and guidance on the industry, career and project development. I offer guidance and support with funding options and applications. 


I offer full career evaluations, helping you to review where you are now and steps to take to move you on to the next stage. I will review your current position, considering your marketing, activity to date and collating feedback from the sector to create a report which gives you a complete profile - combined with  coaching sessions to help you identify your short, medium and long term ambitions. We can then build a comprehensive plan for your future. 

Action learning Sets 

An ‘Action Learning Set’ is a group of between 5-8 people, usually peers or at a similar level of experience who meet regularly, to find practical ways of addressing the ‘real life’ challenges they face, and to support their own learning and development. 

Set members are encouraged to find their own solutions to challenges and issues through a process of questioning and discussion, combined with a balance of support and challenge from the group, and led by a skilled facilitator.


It's built my confidence; in my passion for music, in some of the things I'm trying to do, and in my ability to participate meaningfully in group activities relating to music.

Action Learning is a form of group coaching, based on the principle that we learn best from experience, and in this setting we learn from each other by working on real situations and reflecting our experience. 

Action Learning sets are an ideal process for artists looking to develop, grow in confidence and build strategy around projects and careers. 

It was incredibly valuable to be given active, supportive space to reflect and the guidance of my peers in that process. Thoroughly recommended to anybody who feels like they don’t have time for themselves; it’s a commitment that really pays off.

I am trained in leading Action Learning Sets and have experience of delivering these in creative settings with musicians and creative freelancers, using facilitation and coaching expertise to lead productive groups on digital platforms.  


Lucy is one of the most genuine individuals in the business. I've asked for her guidance on all things from funding applications to album sign offs and little musical ideas to festival commissions and she's always given a considered and helpful response that has led to my success - I genuinely wouldn't be where I am without Lucy's input in my career. There's not many you can trust like Lucy!


—  Sam Healey, Skeltr

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